My connection to nature is essential for my well-being and inner peace. While I’m sure many others have described it similarly, allow me to share my experiences.

Each morning, the first sound I hear is the chirping of birds outside my window, prompting me to peek outside. As I open the blinds and see the trees, now bare of summer’s leaves, I easily spot my feathered friends: some happily chirping or singing, others quietly hovering or fluttering about. Instantly, a smile spreads across my face, a warmth reminiscent of freshly baked bread fills my body, and memories of loved ones or cherished moments flood my mind. The soft coo of a Mourning Dove, also known as a Turtle Dove, transports me back to the serenity of my grandmother’s home. This memory, so deeply ingrained, reminds me of the Creator’s blessings in my life. Regardless of life’s challenges, the sound of a bird brings me comfort.

I’m fascinated by every detail of nature: the polka dots on a butterfly’s wings, the vibrant colors of a hummingbird, or the delicate pollen on the petals of a pink wild rose. I’m so captivated by raindrops on variegated leaves that I often stop whatever I’m doing to take a photo, grateful for my iPhone, a device that captures the Creator’s bounty in vivid detail. Each image is a testament to the richness of life, as vibrant as a box of crayons and as profound as the quiet crawl of a caterpillar along a tree branch, reminding me that all is well in my world, even if just for a moment.