For me, it is a place of beauty and wonder, and a place to reflect on the harmony and balance that exists in Nature between the Creator’s Creations – the trees, the plants, the animals, the birds, the fish, the reptiles, the insects and all the others – all following the Life given to them by the Creator. Listening to the birds singing while the wind blows through the trees, butterflies visiting wildflowers close by, and so much more. I love to just sit and feel the power and the different spirits of each Creation, and I feel only Love, no anger, and no hate. The Natural Places renew me and bring me into a place of Peace and re-generation, and wonderful thoughts always come to me, as I always come with unanswered questions. My prayers is that each generation may have at least the opportunities that we have today. So much has been disturbed and is now out of balance because of Mankind. Will we act in time to Care for our Natural Places?